About Us

FitSpur's mission is to help everyone realize their cardio fitness goals by providing an affordable, efficient, and most of all... a FUN cardio workout. How do we do this?

- Fun... We take you on an adventure of sight and sound, exploring scenic and epic trails, without leaving your house.  Filmed in super wide HD, our trails take you on a fitness journey to achieve the most amazing views.  And Mindful workouts provide a new dimension to workouts and your entire way of (non)thinking. 

- Affordability & customizeable...  You don't have to spend thousands of dollars only to watch sweaty trainers.  Featuring curated music from new artists, or listen to your own music. FitSpur Cardio Trail workouts are compatible with treadmills, spin/stationary bikes, ellipticals, rebounders... even jogging in place!

- Efficiency...  Choose between Mindful workouts to de-stress... or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, proven to give the biggest gains in the shortest time! 

We spur you on.